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Introduction to Java For Loops

Purpose : The for statement is similar to the while statement, but it is often easier to use if you are counting or indexi… Read More>>

While Statement Introduction in Java

The while statement is used to repeat a block of statements while some condition is true. The condition must become false s… Read More>>

If Statement examples in Java

Example 1 : If Student marks is grater than equal 60 print "passed" else "failed" /** * To c… Read More>>

If Statement Introduction in Java

Purpose : The purpose of the if statement is to make decisions, and execute different parts of your program depending … Read More>>

Java Language Keywords

Keywords Here is a list of keywords in the Java programming language. You cannot use any of the following as identifiers in … Read More>>

Primitive Data Types and Operations in Java

Primitive Data Types  The primitive data types are  predefined  data types, which always hold the value of the same data t… Read More>>

Programming Style and Simple "Hello World"program in java

Programming Style and Documentation Appropriate Comments Naming Conventions Proper Indentation and Spacing Lines … Read More>>

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